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Big village or small city? MADe event

June 12th, 2010


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MADe for talent runs 6 events a year and the main MADe event is always the last one for the series.
Last night, it was educational, eventful and fun. All you needed was an optimistic outlook, and your bike.

All afternoon the inclement sky threatened torrential disaster. A long picnic table was set for about 100 people and the cheerful gingham tablecloths snapped noisily in the erratic wind as people parked their bikes. The night was to take place completely outside, on the terrace of the Zwarte Doos (which means Black Box) at the TU/E (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven). After drinks we moved into the Zwarte Doos Auditorium for an entertaining virtual tour of Eindhoven with Faculty of Building lecturer Jan Westra: “Eindhoven is too small a city. It´s a village,”- said with neither rancour nor disdain.  And while everyone in the audience might have agreed with him, they love this so-called city. The party broke up into four groups for a real-life tour, on push bikes. Led by architects and building project workers, we pedalled about to see different architecture of Eindhoven in a different light, through stories about unique buildings and unusual living spaces. More than just peeping Toms – we went inside and had a proper sticky-beak inside strangers´ fancy homes. If you can imagine walking through a glossy interior design magazine, that´s what we we did – an insight into how the other half live. It was an inspiring tour, and our spirits must have helped spare us from the rain, for rain it did not.

“Culinary adventurer” André Amaro cooked us what was called a mediterranean slow food meal, but in my humble view, it wasn´t technically slow – pan fried prawns and a delicious chervil showered spaghetti aglio é olio, salads, breads, dips and then baklava and strawberries to finish. However, it was mostly vegetarian and very delicious – and quite spectacular. Fancy cooking a barbequeue for 100 hungry people who just finished a bike-ride? You need really big pans.

Live music was supplied care of Jodie Kean and her merry men, and finally there was the party with a dj. But there was little or no dancing. MADe events are for networking, and as I´ve said in an earlier post, I often don´t always do well at such affairs. But last night, I met about 6 new people and we really bonded; we shared stupid gags (one about warming one’s feet using the armpits of one’s partner … hm, you had to be there),  promised to meet each other again and kissed each other goodnight when I left, at 1am.  One MADe guest, Nancy, said it was really an “Eindhoven event. It´s got interesting people, a great topic, it´s a really spontaneous event and it´s small, intimate. You couldn´t attend something like this in Amsterdam.” Not a shred of judgementalism in that sentence. Because if you’re going to be honest, that´s what Eindhoven is –  a city on a small scale. A big village.

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