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Many roads lead to Eindhoven

November 6th, 2010

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Ten Chinese maids take the stage at the Brainport International Party 2010, Dynamo

Brainport Development has put a fair load of time, money and energy into the Brainport International Weekend 2010, and from what I’ve seen, the response has been solid. I am sure that at the party, held at the Dynamo last night, I heard at least ten different accents and languages – let’s see, Chinese, Hebrew, American, French, British, Indian, Danish, Polish, Dutch and Tunisian. I’m sure there are scores more too.

It started off, let’s say, as an interesting evening. The programming was a little ambitious or perhaps not particularly well curated, but the reception was positive and encouraging. In a space that would be more at home to hip hop battles and punk band line ups, the concert put on by the international community could have hit the bullseye in the Eindhoven Zaal at the Muziekgebouw. The buzzing crowd didn’t try very hard to curb their volume while they watched a troop of Chinese dancing girls, an 8-part a capella choir, a brass trio and some ballroom dancing demos from Footloose dance studio hit the boards. The intention was clear – to promote some of the activities available to newcomers to the region, but it slightly misfired. The audience was in a dancing, chatting and get to know each other mood; it was a Friday night and people wanted to let loose. My heart went out for the performers, for what could have been a super entertaining amateur recital was given to a slightly disrespectful public.

The audience takes the stage, Dynamo, Brainport International Weekend

But after the acts, it was the DJ’s turn who then took a while to tune into the audience. His hard core dance tracksĀ  got few people onto the dance floor, but finally some hip hop and pop enticed the public out of the woodwork and onto the stage; I was even implored to bust a move or two. At the time I left, somewhat early at 12.30am I must say, the queue to get into the Brainport International Party extended from the cloakroom line and outside the building. The organisers were more than satisfied with the turn out. “I thought we were going to get, like, 50 people, but there are at least 300 people inside and would you look at that line! I have already had to get another 900 tokens … that wasn’t in the budget!” said Astrid van Deelen, Project Leader at Brainport Development. That’s a good thing, right? Putting on an event that will not only attract the target group but bring them together and keep them there? Good on ya’, I say!

While so many different people from all sorts of backgrounds have found themselves in Eindhoven, all of their paths converged for one night at last night’s Dynamo party. May there be many more to come.

Brainport International Weekend continues today and tomorrow. Today there was a fair and workshops at the Ontdekfabriek at Strijp-S and a Glow walking tour, in English, starts at 6.30pm tonight. See you there on the square outside Usine on the corner of Emmasingel and Mathildelaan in a couple of hours? The weekend continues at the Glow dinner walk tomorrow night too!

Traditional chinese musicians play as a ditty at the Ontdekfabriek's Brainport International Fair

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