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Creative accounting exists in Eindhoven

July 22nd, 2010

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Yep, there is such a thing as creative accounting around here. It’s called Creatieve Boekhouding (in Dutch) or Creative Accounting (in English), and it’s run by Bram van Hoorn.

He’s an ex-economics teacher who saw an opportunity to help creatives – such as artists, designers, coaching companies and hairdressers – by doing their accounting and bookkeeping.

Over the years he has learnt some of the hazards of the job – such as his clients being somewhat disorganised – but he has benefited immensely from the friendships and, as I understand it, the network he has built up.

Bram has recently had his corporate identity redesigned, including his website, and only last week he moved into his new office at Strijp-S.
Watch the video for the complete picture.

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