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Dutch style ride

June 30th, 2010

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An Aussie-Dutch Papillionaire bicycle (photo by Three Thousand)

A Dutch bike is a covetable object in a country like Australia, where there are long roads, hills, some bike paths and a population that’s mad about sports. Getting around a city like Melbourne is best on two wheels, and my designer sister has been nagging me to send her an original omafiets from the lowlands. But she needn’t go further than Papillionaire Bicycles, a concept that I now wish I had brought to Australia a few years ago.

The lifestyle and culture blog, Three Thousand, wrote this charming ode to his darling red treadly –

(The following is an extract from a letter I wrote to my new bicycle. Don’t judge me.)

Mi Amore. My sweet little Dutch-style butterfly bike. No other could hold a spoke to you. You’re so cool, with your moustache (handlebars) and leathers (grips and saddles); your curvaceous frame (lugged steel) and 3-speed Shimano gears (guess that one explains itself).

You don’t grease up my pant leg, like that awful road bike I found next to a dumpster full of papayas and soiled nappies; nor do you break down on Nicholson, like that 80’s vintage I won at a carnival; or abuse my perineum like the fixie I had when I was part of a “douche” (the collective noun for a group of fixie-riders).

Oh baby, I waited so long and then I found you; customised you to my every whim, from your rustic wicker basket to your voluptuous cream tyres, and had you delivered into my arms by Melbourne’s newest, fanciest-named bicycle company, Papillionaire. Oh, my sweet bicycle, I wanna make lov-

Okay this is getting weird. (By Rory Belafonte)

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