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Friends make the world go round, not oil

July 29th, 2010

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On Monday I rode my bike through torrential Dutch rain to interview the man behind Studio Rocco Verdult. I met Rocco for the first time the previous Thursday. We’d both received an introduction, well, we were actually sort of “matched up” by more than one mutual friend. Our friends were right and Rocco and I made a good team.

When I turned up to Rocco’s Catharinaplein studio at 10am a few days ago, I thought let’s make a little film together and I’ll knock over the shoot and edit before I head off for another meeting with some other creative buddies (and then quickly organise an impromptu 3-week summer holiday during peak season in Europe). Naïve little me thought that working with Rocco might take, I dunno, a few hours of my day. Okay, so it took a bit longer (erm, maybe four times as long), but we laughed a lot, heard some good music – and there was fudge. So some real good has come of it.

No, seriously, it was practically a relief to learn more about Rocco – because when you watch this film you’ll see how Rocco works and what he believes in. Thank god for people like him, I say. He’s a social designer whose philosophy is tied to his conviction in the richness of human encounters; he says their currency should not be overshadowed in a world that revolves around the trading of oil. So, through the clever designing of gatherings, he wants to change the world; well, bit by bit. Rocco is energetic, inspiring and can be hard to pin down. But I think we did okay in the film.

Rocco Verdult is one of the 3 finalists for the 2010 Dutch Design Awards Rado Young Designer award, and is in the running to win 10,000 Euros! This is the film we made as part of his publicity. The point of The Dossier is to provide a platform for Eindhoven based creatives like Rocco; and while we can’t always pay each other with moulah, we help each other in kind.

No oil was used (for transport) in the making of this film (although the camera had bits on it made of plastic, and there were probably lots of other things we used that need crude oil to exist, but let’s not go into that).

I look forward to working and hanging out with Rocco more in the future. Heh, I hope you do too, Rocco!

Studio Rocco Verdult
Catharinaplein 27a in Eindhoven

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