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SPAM! local pride

May 10th, 2010

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Alas, The Dossier only made it to the last of this season’s internet tv broadcasts from Meneer Frits café. These talk show programmes enable Eindhovenaars to talk (in Dutch) about the cultural life in the city and surrounds (in Dutch), and also showcase some local talent.

On the agenda were a spokesperson Loes Katan from the Philipsdorp (Philips Village) here in Eindhoven and its 100 year celebrations on 28 May this year. Also present was Koen Duisters, a representative from Kamp Vught, memorial foundation of the only SS concentration camp outside of the Eastern borders of the Nazi occupied countries. Jews employed by Philips worked in this concentration camp under extremely good worker conditions. Something for Eindhovenaars to be proud of, despite the circumstances and the hush-hush nature of Philips supplying materials and doing work for Germany at the time. There was also an interview with two pop music gurus Peter Borgers and Lady Aïda who are compiling the entire Eindhoven pop music canon together under the auspices of The Negende (a foundation concerned with history and heritage topics in Eindhoven). We were treated to lots of ancient (well, 60 year old) footage from rock ‘n roll, to punk, to the present day via youtube vids and a peek into a book on the subject.

Laetitia Gerards (see where video automatically starts) was the guest musical act and she simply blew us all away; a cellist for the last 10 years and a singer/actress for the last 4, it’s difficult to believe she is only sweet sixteen. A massive voice, lots of colour and expression, she will go far in the musical world. She reminds me of friends I had 20 years ago (and me, too!). Laetitia’s abilities are so all-encompassing she even managed to impress the host’s sidekick for the day, electronica DJ Lady Aïda. Accompanied by her own mother on the piano, Laetitia would make any mum proud – and to be telecast across the internet wit her wonderful talents on Mother’s Day too!

SPAM! will continue in another season starting in September later this year, pending funding and other subsidy applications.

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