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Esphere – what is the world coming to? Esphere – what is the world coming to?
November 26th, 2010

I’m sitting in the Klokgebouw at the STRPFestival Esphere Conference and am a bit overwhelmed about the world as we imagine it, at least, how the folks on the stage are envisioning it. Geert Lovink is on the podium now, saying that many people have different ideas about what the Internet of Things is as a concept, and that we will also shape it for the future. “Our influence, no matter small, even as artists in this obscure building in Eindhoven, should not be downplayed.” Even my being here today is part of the process, I guess. In my small way, while watching where the world may be going in art/technology I’m a co-creator of it. (Even though I’ve been sitting on my hands and being an observer/twitterer/blogger).

Did that chair just sing something? Did that chair just sing something?
November 8th, 2010

As the PR material says “Carved from the finest woods from the South, comes a mind-bending celebration of post-digital design.” The detail I like most about it is the Dutchified interpretation of crooning; a sort of cross between soulful Leonard Cohen but the assertion that Dino Martino is also a musical influence. I’d like to find out who the voice is behind the singing chair, but that’s not the point. It’s not computer programmed, it is a device that performs LIVE, which is another quirk that makes it likeable. Mind you, some people don’t like the singing chair. They might respect the chair, but they don’t like his voice. Just as well it’s a chair, and not a person – we wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Converting deadwood into artefacts of wonder Converting deadwood into artefacts of wonder
October 31st, 2010

Dutch Invertuals have taken medieval oak and turned the crumbling former foundations to Eindhoven’s entrance from 600 years ago, into objects that encourage the contemplation of time, a respectful reflection on paper and printing and the notion of allowing an object to assert its own shape, rather than the other way around. Listen to the designers tell their stories in this short film. Fascinating and exciting work taking place in Eindhoven. One of the very best shows here during Dutch Design Week 2010.

Still wondering whether Design can make sense of sustainable Business Still wondering whether Design can make sense of sustainable Business
October 27th, 2010

When you attend a session promising business, design and sustainability, you do come with expectations. I expected to see designers speak, perhaps with some charismatic businesspeople, and that what we’d be shown would be inspired concepts. It is after all Dutch Design Week! But the first two presentations were by a development manager, followed by a technical designer type who walked us through rather dry business cases. The third had a passionate salesman/designer at the forefront, but where was the real story under it all? What gave us reason to call this a sustainability seminar? Where were the aspirational images and concepts?

How design leads to understanding How design leads to understanding
October 24th, 2010

Anne Mieke Eggenkamp’s opening words to press at the Graduation Show Design Academy yesterday spoke of how the students of her institution are encouraged to treat design as a language to help them make sense of the world. This little video will give a taster to those who need convincing to go along – and a feel for what they’ve missed out on for those who can’t make it (or choose to pass on this one). Worth spending a bit of money on seeing how the designers of tomorrow are thinking. Though not a lot of it is truly new, much of it practical and above all very beautiful.
Design Academy Eindhoven, (deWitteDame), Emmasingel 14, 5611 AZ Eindhoven

October 22nd, 2010

Today I had the immense privilege to sit with a motley band of design, literature, and fashion gurus for 8 hours asserting why they found certain ideas beautiful/functional/inventive/poetic – or not. While there was no blood shed, there were votes re-cast and minds changed … and then some! Come to the glass paned Greenhouse at the Stadhuisplein in Eindhoven and see the entries for yourself starting tomorrow. Entry is €3 and doors open at 11am. You can also vote for the People’s Choice (public award).

You say hello, and I say … hello You say hello, and I say … hello
September 4th, 2010

Tomorrow, you can toddle along to the Hallo Cultuur! event in Eindhoven, where all the cultural institutions will be opening their very wide arms to accept a very broad audience, with a range of activities and performances to show what they do and let us all have a taste of let’s call it “organised culture”. By coming along, you’ll be actively living your cultural life. Whether you subscribe to season tickets to the Parktheatre remains to be seen, but it doesn’t matter. Live. And say hello (or ‘hallo’) to lots of other people experimenting with a different facet of their personal approach to culture.

The cardboard shop doesn’t take plastic The cardboard shop doesn’t take plastic
August 26th, 2010

Mark van den Heuvel is a self-professed entrepreneur. With qualifications in commerce/sport/communication and a background in selling mobile billboards, Mark could do just about anything. He is the owner of Eindhoven’s Kartonwinkel – literally, the Cardboard shop. It’s full to the brim with decorations, puzzles, photo frames and furniture, all made of that one everyday, garden-variety material. So. Cardboard. Why cardboard?

“The future is black” “The future is black”
June 30th, 2010

When people are passionate, you can’t help but feel passionate for them, or try to see what it is they are passionate about. Today I went to see a Baltan Laboratories presentation by three such passionate guest speakers. Director of Baltan Laboratories, Angela Plohman, opened by explaining the nature of the organisation: a 2 year pilot program of an art and media lab whose activities include residences and workshops, exploring what the lab of the future might be. Today’s session would be on “copylefting” and the results of the EMF Orchestra workshop which was run earlier today by Wendy Van Wynsberghe and Peter Westenberg from Constant in Brussels. But first we listened to how Julien Ottavi, from APO33 in Nantes, listens to the world around us, and about his electromagnetic spectrum research.

You can shower in the middle of Ventosa street You can shower in the middle of Ventosa street
June 29th, 2010

Ah, this was the last on my festival tour of Eindhoven this weekend just past. I didn’t spend long there. It was a street party and it has a cheerful vibe. Like, “Summer is finally here in Holland!”  There were nice looking people there (that is, people I thought I might like to meet and […]

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