Discover Eindhoven, The Netherlands in this catalogue of creative happenings

Open Innovation for The Dossier Open Innovation for The Dossier
November 28th, 2010

Starting tomorrow, Open Innovation Week will reach all corners of the Netherlands, and Eindhoven will be no exception. The full week program has a range of useful meetups and information exchanges for those in the area of open innovation. However, is there anyone out there interested in writing a guest blog or sending me some text, tips, opinions or comments to make into a story to share with other readers? Could we try it as an experiment in the name of open innovation…?

Esphere – what is the world coming to? Esphere – what is the world coming to?
November 26th, 2010

I’m sitting in the Klokgebouw at the STRPFestival Esphere Conference and am a bit overwhelmed about the world as we imagine it, at least, how the folks on the stage are envisioning it. Geert Lovink is on the podium now, saying that many people have different ideas about what the Internet of Things is as a concept, and that we will also shape it for the future. “Our influence, no matter small, even as artists in this obscure building in Eindhoven, should not be downplayed.” Even my being here today is part of the process, I guess. In my small way, while watching where the world may be going in art/technology I’m a co-creator of it. (Even though I’ve been sitting on my hands and being an observer/twitterer/blogger).

Big ideas during a big night in Big ideas during a big night in
November 7th, 2010

Tomorrow, on Monday night and we won’t have a television hooked up at home. Truth be told, I don’t spend that much time in front of the box, but if I did, I’ve nothing to fear, for Baltan Laboratories is having an Exciting Evening at Home!

Three speakers, a beamer, two record players, and party food will help us feel a bit more at home – as do current developments in media technology when we’re not at home. Tomorrow night, Baltan Laboratories is opening up its hearth to you and Oliver Schürer, Tatjana Djordjevic and Marc Maurer. They will tell you what their take is on the link between media and architecture.
I really hope to make it. If I can’t, why don’t you pop over and make yourself at home?

Still wondering whether Design can make sense of sustainable Business Still wondering whether Design can make sense of sustainable Business
October 27th, 2010

When you attend a session promising business, design and sustainability, you do come with expectations. I expected to see designers speak, perhaps with some charismatic businesspeople, and that what we’d be shown would be inspired concepts. It is after all Dutch Design Week! But the first two presentations were by a development manager, followed by a technical designer type who walked us through rather dry business cases. The third had a passionate salesman/designer at the forefront, but where was the real story under it all? What gave us reason to call this a sustainability seminar? Where were the aspirational images and concepts?

Manufactured beauty Manufactured beauty
March 3rd, 2010

There is a little (perhaps not so little) company called Innofaith which designs and produces tools of the beauty trade. It started up 14 years ago and it’s based in Eindhoven. Of course that’s the homeground of electronics giant Philips, who produces men’s and ladies’ shavers, even intimate massagers (I ask you), skin analysers and […]