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You can shower in the middle of Ventosa street

June 29th, 2010


Showering away in Ventosa street

Ah, this was the last on my festival tour of Eindhoven this weekend just past. I didn’t spend long there. It was a street party and it has a cheerful vibe. Like, “Summer is finally here in Holland!”  There were nice looking people there (that is, people I thought I might like to meet and one day become friends with), if only it was not so hot and I hadn’t been dragging myself all over town to try and see a little bit of the kerbillion events and happenings happening this very weekend.

Via Ventosa is a street party on the Temporary Art Centre (TAC) terrain, just opposite the PSV Football Stadium, a pebble’s throw from the city centre. Every year around the start of summer, this party supplies food, drinks, music, art and design to anyone who wants it. Entry is free and the atmosphere is very free ‘n easy.

Ventosa Street Street party
TAC garden where you could grab an organic bite

This year, kids played in urban sprinkler gardens; hoses hooked up and pointed into washing tubs. Inside there was a curious installation about the graves of fallen soldiers (I didn’t pause long enough to make the connection). And for the rest of the time, I enjoyed an expensive organic seitan (meat for vegetarians) parcel, and saw some of my friends.

Spooky graveyard installation

An hour was enough for me, and I’ll drop by again if I’m in town next year. I might even stay longer if I don’t have thirteen other events that tickle my fancy on the same day.

Ah. It’s the week. I can finally relax.

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